The Drive

DAY 64 -- When my alarm went off at 3am, I felt like I hadn't slept. Our plan to basically carry the kids to the car so they could sleep through the first few hours of the day's drive completely backfired. As we pulled out of our driveway at just after 4am, it was clear that they wouldn't be going back to sleep.

Vacation begins.

Over the next sixteen hours, we covered five states and somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 miles.

We stopped for rest area picnics...

...a playground break at a state park in Pennsylvania to burn off some steam...

...and saw what is surely the most beautiful rainbow we've ever seen. The photo certainly doesn't do it justice but I am certain that today was the first time I've ever seen the "bottom" of a rainbow -- the point where it visibly appears to hit the ground which, in this case, was right next to the interstate.

Spoiler alert. No pot of gold.

Finally, we hit our first destination in New York where we're visiting one of Amy's childhood friends and her family.

It took two IPAs for me to realize I had no gas left in my tank and Day 1 of our trip was officially in the books.

And we all still like each other.

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