DAY 80 -- Here we are. The finale of yet another Summer of Tim.

In eighty days I've accomplished plenty as I've amassed a ton of new Hardy Boys books, dollar CDs, and other random junk that continues to fill my shelves.

I was successful in fighting my first battle against poison ivy and also in maneuvering a public bathroom splattered with human feces.

I competed my collection of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood episodes and have set a goal of having all undocumented episodes covered on by the end of 2017.

With the exception of a few large projects, my to do list looks very much like it did at the beginning of the summer (as expected) but I managed to buy my brother's Masters of the Universe collection from him and I saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off on the big screen. Those weren't on my to do list but I did them.

I tracked down the elusive mmmHops beer and also came to the realization that my brother-in-law's band is amazing. Both in the same day.

I've caught up with some old friends and also made some new ones.

I've started wearing earrings again for the first time in over twenty years. But I decided against my first tattoo (for now).

The camping fire was rekindled in me and after a trip to upstate New York I also realized that I actually do like to travel.

In the end, as always, it's been a great summer that I couldn't be happier to have shared with you here. Thanks for joining me along the way!

. . .

And now, I'll close out the 2017 Summer of Tim the best way I know how.


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