My First Tattoo

DAY 79 -- I've thought for years about getting a tattoo.

I've had ideas and locations in mind but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I started thinking about it with any sincerity. I was browsing random Karate Kid stuff online ... because, you know, sometimes I browse Karate Kid stuff ... and I came across this amazing image.

[Image courtesty of @micheltrip via Instagram]

It was time for me to get a tattoo.

. . .

For those who may not recognize this image, it comes from The Karate Kid (of course it does) -- specifically Daniel's headband.

The plan was to put this image on the inside of my left forearm with only two rows of dots on each side. I thought this over for a few weeks, drawing it on my arm with a Sharpie a few times to be sure I liked the look and feel if it. I found a few other more accurate images of the headband that I would mesh with the original image.

With my summer winding down in a hurry, I decided that on Tuesday (today), I'd close out the summer with a bang and go get my first tattoo.

. . .

I got to the tattoo shop -- a very reputable place in the area which also happens to be where Anna got her ears pierced last spring. I was doing this.

Upon meeting with one of the artists, I learned that this image would need to be a little larger on my arm than I had planned in order for it to "translate" -- not to mention it was going to cost me over double what I was expecting having talked with several friends with tattoos.

The size wasn't a big deal but the cost was harder to swallow.

So for the time being at least, my pure skin prevails.

. . .

One day left, gang...and the Summer of Tim is done.


Cool & Collected said...

C'mon Tim, if you were a true Karate Kid fan, you would have that tattooed to your forehead. ;)

TL said...

Man, I love the Karate Kid....but I do draw a line occasionally! :)

John said...

Why you going to a reputable place? Find a good prison tattoo "artist" and get it done cheap.