Birthday Plans, AudioFeed, Deliverance

DAY 9 -- Remember a few years ago when I saw One Bad Pig at the nearby AudioFeed music festival? A band I listened to like crazy when I was a kid.

It appears that AudioFeed is bringing on another favorite from my youth this year -- Deliverance!

I'm old as dirt these days and so are these guys...

...but I cannot wait to hear them hit me with This Present Darkness live after almost thirty years (despite their line-up changing a bajillion times over the years)!

The three-day AudioFeed festival offers the opportunity to pitch a tent and camp for a few nights on site. My birthday happens to fall on the second day of this festival and a few days on my own, in a tent, with live music aplenty, is what Amy has agreed to as a gift to me this year. I'm all in for some solitude, but even more I'm in for some Deliverance, Propaganda, Project 86, and Listener.

Man. I can't wait for this.

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