Bus 16 + 70 Kids = 1 Dairy Queen

DAY 4 -- Those of you following along for a few years are likely familiar with the annual water gun fight planned by my kids' bus driver where they battle it out with another bus after the last day of school. This year, along with the water gun fight scheduled for next week, Miss Linda took Bus 16 to Dairy Queen.

Seventy kids packed into one Dairy Queen.

Bless her heart.

. . .

As I was finishing up some yard work tonight, I saw my in-laws making their way across the street carrying pots in their oven-mitt-covered hands. That could only mean one thing!

The bacon-wrapped pork was terrific! Much better than whatever we hadn't planned yet for dinner!

. . .

The third of the three Mister Rogers Pop! figures arrived today!

For those maybe unfamiliar with my Mister Rogers story, check out NeighborhoodArchive.com.

It's a thing I do.

. . .

Oh, yeah. And it's definitely "yanny."

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Shawn Robare said...

Sooo, you hear sound on a higher frequency huh? My wife Jaime is like that too, and she hears the Yanny thing too. You're both audiophiles too, so it makes sense. I'm totally a low frequency listener.