Coach Tim

DAY 3 -- Came home from work to put together this guy's new bed!

The bunk beds are dismantled, sold, and ready to be picked up this weekend. Now this room seems twice the size it did before!

. . .

Anna's back on the softball field and, following my plans to have some fun this summer, I've found myself as a volunteer assistant coach. I don't get the fancy team shirt and hat, but I do get to remind girls to watch the batter instead of making designs in the dirt.

Actually, I'm kidding. Anna's team seems to be having a ton of fun as they learn the basics of the game. Her coaches last year were clearly only invested in their own daughters, so I'm glad to help two other dads this year as we invest some time in this great group of girls.

. . .

After putting in a few raised garden beds in the berm last fall, the veggies are planted and I've been getting some solid help from those who will be reaping the benefits.

Man, evenings like this remind me how much I enjoy our house in the trees.

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