Death Before Disco

DAY 16 - I made it.


Summer is here.

The proverbial light at the end of the 36-week-long tunnel.

Sticking with tradition, I left my last office day for the school year and headed out for two things -- a Mango Kale from Smoothie King and a random drink or two from Friar Tuck. The Mango Kale was amazing as always, but my trip to Friar Tuck still had a few questions unanswered heading into the glorious supermarket of libations. What would be this year's special treat?

Last year it was strictly a Mango Kale as I wasn't drinking at the time.

Before that it was a bottle of Phuket and a solid sip from Yeastie Boys the year before that.

This year, I turned to an option my old pal Brian had let me know about a few weeks ago. Brian was part of my core group of high school friends -- a group we referred to as the JLS. The JLS -- the Justice League of Salem, for those interested -- was not far removed from the JTP as seen on The Goldbergs. We were nothing more than a group of knuckleheads out to test the boundaries of social norms while having a good time along the way.

When we were seniors in high school, among our many other antics, we channeled our inner Judge Reinhold and made our own shirts in honor of the one he wore in Stripes.

I can't honestly say we hated disco music. We just thought it was a funny idea and ran with it. Here's a look at a few shots from my senior yearbook back in '94 -- me and my pal Adam donning our homespun DBD shirts.


Well, much to my delight, Brian tuned me on to a porter from Left Hand Brewing a few weeks ago guessed it....Death Before Disco. No doubt I was going to find some and I was quite happy to find that Frair Tuck would not leave me disappointed.

Yeah, I grabbed a local Bulldog Brown from JT's while I was at it.

. . .

One of my goals for the summer is to try some new foods. Now, please understand that this is coming from a super-picky eater who grew up on peanut butter and cereal. I'm proud to say that over this holiday weekend, I dropped a few tomatoes and a mushrooms on my salad.

Sure, those were drowned out by the dressing and peppers which I actually enjoy....but we're making progress here. By the end of the summer, I expect to be eating from the garden I'm growing.

. . .

Speaking of food, it's been a while since Amy and I have gone through a round of Whole 30 eating. Doing so always proves beneficial in so many ways ... but it's easier said than done. We've both agreed that we'll take the 30 days of June this summer to go another round which means that my typical summer consumption habits will be put on hold until July.

Whole 30 means no dairy, no grains, no legumes, no sugar, no alcohol.

Yeah, I said it. Let's take it to the stage.

Wish me luck, people.

. . .

Mason found a tomato shaped like a snowman.

Or a perfume bottle.

Or whatever.

So there's that.

. . .

We had a great end to the first official evening of summer vacation with a dip in the pool...

...and a cave under Mason's new loft bed.

Here we go, folks. The Summer of Tim is upon us!

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