Life Is Good.

DAY 1 -- Here we go again! Another Summer of Tim is underway!

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I start off every summer break with goals in mind, plans for the coming weeks, and a general idea of what the time away from work is going to look like. Typically, I spend my summers digging around at thrift stores and hitting up nearby places I don't have the time to frequent during the school year. I share pictures of the junk I buy and the crappy foods I eat. I post links to the music I'm listening to and I share pictures of my kids swimming in my in-law's pool. I can't say there won't be any of that this summer because I'm sure there will be ... but this summer I have a slightly different focus.

Let me explain.

When my family and I were in Florida over spring break, we did some touristy shopping in Siesta Key. As I wandered one store, I kept coming back to a coffee mug that caught my eye as soon as I walked in the door. I've always been familiar with the "Life is Good" brand, but never really paid it much attention. This coffee mug featured the usual Life is Good character relaxing in an outdoor chair (his name is Jake, for those of you keeping score at home) -- an image I felt I needed to see on my desk at work as I spend the gloomy winter months each year in my windowless office longing for some fresh air and a peek of sunlight.

I decided to buy the mug but continued looking through the display of other Life is Good merchandise. I found myself thumbing through a book about the company and the two brothers who launched it back in the mid-1990s. Later that night, I downloaded this book to my iPad and spent the next few days reading about the Life is Good company which is based on the idea of simple optimism. With each chapter, I found myself drawn more and more to the ideas expressed through the Life is Good brand -- optimism, nature, fun, positivity, and just general happiness.

My biggest take-away?

Multiple times, the book mentions one motto of Life is Good -- "Do what you love. Love what you do."

I couldn't help but wonder... am I doing that in my own life?

I'm not sure.

And that thought didn't sit well with me.

After ten months in an office with no windows and no fresh air, I want to take full advantage of the next eighty days by absorbing all of the good there is in the world around me.

I want to dig in the dirt.
I want fresh air.
I want direct sunlight.
I want to sweat.
I want to ride my bike.
I want to sit on the porch and do crossword puzzles.
I want to laugh.
I want to try new things.
I want to taste new foods.
I want to create.
I want to purge.
I want to simplify.
I want to read.
I want to roll down the windows.
I want to unplug.
I want to relax.

Whatever, right? All of this may sound great in theory coming from a guy who many of you know as sarcastic, cynical, and sometimes just plain negative.

Well, guess what? It took me almost 42 years, but I was finally convinced by a coffee mug in a tourist shop.

Life is good.

Make way for the Summer of Tim.

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Shawn Robare said...

I hear ya sir. I turn 41 this summer. That’s a critical number for me. It’s the age my sister made it to before checking out on life. I’ve followed my sister my entire life, walking along the sidewalk she paved. It’s scary to get to the end of that sidewalk, but I’ve grabbed a trowel and some concrete and I plan on taking the path to all new places. Step one, welcome a daughter into the world. Step two, make her world as awesome as I can, for as ling as I can.

Anyway, always look forward to your posts sir, these are very welcome.