Summer's Here, Ya'll.

DAY 11 -- It's happening, ya'll. Summer is here.

Today was our last day with students, Anna had her Field Day at the high school, and the afternoon wrapped up with the annual water gun fight hosted by Bus 16's amazing Miss Linda.


. . .

Since going to the doctor yesterday for some poison ivy treatment, I've been on a simple dose of steroids ... and it's...amazing. I couldn't stand still this morning, was told once that I was "acting like Mason," and ultimately felt like I could conquer the world with no effort whatsoever.

Did you ever watch Family Ties back in the day? Remember that episode where Alex gets his hands on some diet pills from Mallory's friend Effie?

I was Alex all day today.

I fully expect that I will have accomplished everything on my summer to-do list by the time I'm off this prescribed round of medication.

. . .

After the Bus 16 water gun fight today, two-thirds of the kids hadn't had enough water and wanted to hit the yard for more fun in the sun.

Mason bailed after ten minutes which left Anna alone wishing she had someone to blast with her water gun.

Dad to the rescue.

. . .

As if that wasn't enough water for one day, the 95 degree heat sent us across the street to Grandma and Grandpa's pool as soon as Amy got home.

. . .

Capping off the day, Amy and I needed a good end-of-the-school-year movie to watch and my usual choice of Summer School was replaced this year with Amy's perfect choice -- Dazed and Confused.

Summer's here, ya'll.

Alright, alright.

. . .

Last but not least, I saw this video earlier today it simply made my heart smile. My Aunt Sylvia had Down Syndrome and I miss her dearly. This video brought back the joys of spending time with Aunt Dinky.

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