143, Neighbors.

DAY 24 -- Never in a thousand years did I ever think that a website I started in my basement over ten years ago would evolve to the extent that it has.

As I've researched, collected, and archived the work of Fred Rogers for over a decade -- sharing it all through NeighborhoodArchive.com along the way -- I've been extremely lucky and humbled to have made the connections that I have. Not only have I had the opportunity to meet countless others from around the world with a similar appreciation for Fred's work and a personal Mister Rogers story of their own, it blows my mind daily to think that a grass roots effort like this has also evolved into conversations with former Neighborhood cast members and a working relationship with Pittsburgh's Fred Rogers Productions.

Tonight I was invited to be a part of the Indianapolis premiere of the upcoming documentary Won't You Be My Neighbor? -- a touching film by Academy Award winning producer Morgan Neville.

Following the film, as everyone dabbed their eyes, I was given the opportunity to join Heartland Film's Greg Sorvig for a Q&A about my archival efforts and, even more importantly, about the beauty of this film and Fred Rogers' timeless message.


Even though I do want to promote the work I do through the Neighborhood Archive, through it all, I want people to be reminded of Mister Rogers -- not necessarily as the quiet host of a children's television show -- but as a man with a universal message of love, self-value, and acceptance.

A message we all long to hear.

Many thanks to my pal Greg for the opportunity to contribute, in my own small way, to the sharing of this message!

143, neighbors.

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