Dance Recitals, Cheap Mexican Food, Red Noses

Let me shoot you straight. This first week of real-deal summer vacation has been a little more than I would have preferred.

I'm sticking with my goals of simplifying my life this summer and making updates to this site have become much less of a priority, but I'm still entering the second week of summer feeling like I've not quite reached full-on Summer of Tim mode.

But, whatever.

. . .

DAY 18 -- The Great Purge of 2018 continued with more books piled up to drop off for donation. I can really see how people feel that purging their unnecessary junk creates a feeling of euphoria in them. Clearing this stuff out is unbelievably liberating.


As is the case with the start of all summers, I'm on board with the NBA finals after a season of disappointment as a New York Knicks fan. I feel like I've watched these finals before though. Maybe it's just me, but this seems all too familiar.

Either way, my least favorite former Knick -- J.R. Smith -- won Game 1 for Golden State and I couldn't have been happier to see Brond James leave the court in defeat.

My man Propaganda summed up my feelings on LeBron perfectly...
A round of Whole 30 starts tomorrow.

. . .

DAY 19 -- Amy spent the day at a day-long professional development today. With one car being repaired, I was stuck at home with three kids who were doing a great job of getting on each other's nerves (and on mine) and there was no way out.

Needless to say, by the end of the day I was done.

Lucky for me, the girls had their dance recital dress rehearsal all evening and Amy took care of that when she got home. I don't know much about glittery dresses and make-up so that worked out well for everyone involved.

While the girls were away, Mason and I took a trip to Walgreens instead. I won't deny that Jose Cuervo came home with us, but so did two Walgreens red noses.

It's for the kids.

Speaking of Mason, my man lost his first tooth!

When he asked about the Tooth Fairy, I suggested that we'd have to wait and see if she stopped by while he was sleeping. Mason quickly corrected me and very adamantly said that HE might stop by.

Apparently his Tooth Fairy is a male.

It's cool that my six-year-old son is so progressive.

Either that or he's just thinking of Dwayne Johnson.

Oh....and remember how I was supposed to start a round of Whole 30 today? Yeah, that didn't happen.

. . .

DAY 20 -- The girls spend most of their school year taking weekly dance lessons in preparation for their annual recital. This year, Charlotte took classes in lyrical dance and Anna took hip-hop. A good chunk of Saturday was spent at the Virginia Theater taking in the three-and-a-half-hour recital. Out of roughly fifty performances, my girls were fourth and forty-fourth. I can only assume that was scheduled this way with me in mind specifically so I had to stay the entire time.

Either way, my kiddos killed it. Charlotte was as graceful as always and Anna showed me she's got some serious b-girl tenancies harbored within her.

Here's Anna -- in the front, second from left to start -- for her performance. Check that girl out at the 1:30 mark!!!

Still waiting on Anna to share the video she took of Charlotte's dance.

Big thanks to Grandma Susan and my sister-in-law and nieces for coming to the morning recital! The girls loved having a family audience to share their talents with!

With Amy taking on the evening recital, I was free to take Mason with me for dinner with an old Shithead friend.

Yeah. Shithead.

Grateful Dead fans are Deadheads. Todd Snider fans are Shitheads.

Ann was passing through and we swapped some musical recommendations and old-time Todd stories over some cheap Mexican food while she traveled North-to-South through the Midwest.

. . .

DAY 21 -- Sunday was amazing as I took some much needed time for myself.

Man, oh, man. Did I ever need a day like this.

I can't even tell you.

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