Father's Day, Chia Bob, Liquor Barrell (sic)

DAY 35 --Father's Day kicked off with a trip to the local greasy spoon -- The Hen House -- a favorite of this particular dad. Since I'm a pretty progressive daddio, I bypassed the Country Boy breakfast and ordered the Country Girl Breakfast.

Actually, I just didn't want the sausage patties.

My kids gave me a Father's Day card that doubles as a construction-type warning sign for those nearby of the "Quiet Dad Relaxation Zone." Anna didn't waste any time making sure my zone was comfy and I took full advantage. Amy and the kids swam in the afternoon while I watched a few hours of COPS on TV and took at least two solid dad naps.

Chia Bob Ross was doing well...

...until one of the kids decided to investigate a little too closely and the entire back section of Bob's glorious chia 'fro fell off.

Also, another tooth fell out of Mason's face today.

. . .

DAY 36 -- Amy and the kids joined some friends for Incredibles 2 at the local IMAX while I ran some errands. One stop was at Friar Tuck to see if I could find something interesting. New Belgium never fails me as they've got a new IPA out for the summer -- Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze. It's exactly what it sounds like -- a somewhat fruity IPA -- and it's pretty solid.

While I was waiting on my credit card payment to go through at Friar Tuck, the cashier looked at my arm and asked, "Is that the Karate Kid headband?" Pretty thrilled that someone actually recognized my tattoo for what it is, I confirmed and was met with something in the neighborhood of annoyance and arrogance.

Thanks for your unspoken opinion, beer store cashier. You've got a stupid haircut.

Leaving Friar Tuck (which happens to be right next door to the theater where Amy and the kids were about to start watching Incredibles 2), I headed across town for one final stop.

Then the call came.

Apparently, Mason was freaked out by the craziness of the IMAX experience and couldn't even make it through the previews. Back across town I went to pick him up. It's cool though. He and I spent the hot afternoon at home in the basement with a movie experience of our own (The Phantom Menace, by his request).

Later in the evening, the girls were relaxing a bit after dinner and we caught them in a moment we don't often see -- and one they deny despite the photo evidence.

Speaking of the girls, they've been into creating their own fairy gardens lately and both have their own in pots on the back deck.

As for me, I stayed up way too late last night watching Evil Genius on Netflix.

My first mistake was starting the series at 11PM. My second was feeling like I had no choice but to watch all four hour-long episodes once I got interested.

Whatever. It's summer. Totally worth it.

. . .

DAY 37 -- It was officially announced that the school district I work for will be hiring a resource officer this year. I won't share my thoughts in this public forum, but if you're local and you want to chat about this, let's grab a beer or a cup of coffee sometime.

Amy and the kids had lunch with some of her extended family this afternoon (I'm not avoiding the kids this week...I just need some Tim-time after last week) and I spent that time tying up some loose ends around the house and tackling one of my summer goals -- exercising more creativity.

As many of you know, I love things that stir up nostalgia within me. That, combined with my seemingly seldom-used creativity, led me to my computer this afternoon as I drew up some images that may ring a bell with my hometown crowd.

Salem folks? Remember the Liquor Barrell that was next to Pizza Hut? I don't know if the building is still there but the sign is.

How about the Yum Yum Shoppe? I used to get Superman ice cream there when I was a kid. It eventually turned into a produce place which I think it still is.

So who needs a Yum Yum Shoppe or Liquor Barrell t-shirt or sticker?! If so, CLICK HERE or on the image below!

Yeah, whatever.

Mason loves that song.

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