I admit, I'm just not feeling this Summer of Tim stuff this year. Not the experience itself, but the documentation.

Maybe it's the negativity that is generated by our country's current political climate. Republican or democrat. Conservative or liberal. This is not a partisan issue. We are currently faced with daily issues of human decency and morality perpetuated by those currently running our country.

It's disgusting.

I could easily make this site into a daily political commentary, but that's not why I've done this over the past four years.. But that may be why I'm just not into it this summer -- I've got so much to say and don't feel that this is the proper outlet.

On the other hand, one of my main goals for the summer was to unplug and step away from all of this a bit as I spend more time enjoying the outdoors and the general pleasantries of everyday life. Maybe that has led to me making this site much less of a priority this year. In many ways, I hope that's the case as it means the summer has been a success thus far.

Either way, let me say this ... for the rest of the summer, there may not be "Day X" and "Day Y" updates to the Summer of Tim. Like I said, I'm just not feeling it. Still, as I feel I experience stuff worth sharing, I'll pop in for an update, though.

Don't consider this a cancellation of the "Summer of Tim." Just consider it a fine-tuning of my summer goals as I alleviate myself of the pressure of daily updates when all I really want to do is relax.

I'm sure we'll talk soon. Until then, enjoy yourselves.


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