Hiccups, Camping, Fart Noises

DAY 22 -- I got home last night from watching Brond James and those other guys taking a beating from the Warriors to find that Amy and the kids had pitched a tent in the back yard.

I stayed up entirely too late with the girls being slap-happy and laughing at ridiculous jokes.

They'll be grumpy for the next few days but whatever ... it was worth it.

. . .

I had a hard time falling asleep in the tent -- not because of anything camping related, but because I wound up with the first case of hiccups I've had in decades.

Really. Decades.

It's been so long since I've had the hiccups that several years ago I started to take notice and keep tabs on this weird phenomenon. No joke. These are the first hiccups I'd had in over twenty years.

But they went away and I fell asleep.

I know you're happy to know that.

. . .

It was announced today that the man-baby Donald Trump was rescinding his White House invitation to my Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Well done, you egocentric coward.

. . .

Yeah, we hit up Yo-Yo's for a late afternoon snack before Anna's softball game where we had popcorn for dinner.


Really, I think the kids had something more when we got home. I think.

Mason helped me collect sticks in the back yard.

. . .

DAY 23 -- Today was the day I look forward to every summer -- the day when I first realize that I have no idea what day of the week it is. All morning I thought it was Saturday.

Nope. Tuesday.

. . .

Remember that plan for a round of Whole 30 in June? Amy's doing just fine. Me? I'm hoping to do a Whole 20, or so.

. . .

Amy headed to St. Louis today for a Cardinals game with my in-laws.

The kids and I practiced making fart noises with our mouths and went swimming.

In my defense, before she left, Amy told the kids that hot dogs are made out of butt holes so I felt that it was only justifiable for me to teach them this new fart-noise talent.

Parents of the year. I know.

. . .

Tomorrow we head to Indy for an early screening of the Mister Rogers documentary Won't You Be My Neighbor where I will be the guest speaker. Up until today, I had assumed this was going to be a pretty informal event with 60-80 viewers.

Apparently not.

I guess I'll be in a full chairs-on-stage interview situation after the screening in front of a sold out crowd of 400 or so.

Winging it is probably not a good idea so I suppose I should prepare.

Goodnight, neighbors.

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