Karaoke, Bob Ross, Sleeping Bag

DAY 25-28 -- Amy and I celebrated a birthday dinner with some friends a few days ago and followed it up with a trip to Star Karaoke -- a place in the area where small groups can take over their own personal karaoke room for an hour or two.

For those curious, I can still knock out Ice Ice Baby without skipping a beat.

Anybody remember this night in Osh Kosh about twenty years ago?

On the other hand, mmmBop is definitely out of my range but I did knock out the female portion of Afternoon Delight with pretty decent authority.

. . .

Bob Ross moved in to our house this weekend. Chia Bob Ross, that is.

While I recall watching the Joy of Painting on days I was home sick from school when I was a kid, Charlotte is obsessed with this guy. She even wrote a report for school once about her hero.

We'll see where Bob's awesome chia hair goes over the next few weeks.

. . .

When my brother was younger, he heard the Ronnie Milsap song Daydreams About Night Things and assumed it was about monsters. Of course, it's not.

This morning I put on some ZZ Top while I was in the shower and one of my favorites -- Sleeping Bag -- came on.

It occurred to me in that moment -- after all these years -- that the lyric is not "zipped inside my sleeping bag" but rather "slip inside my sleeping bag."

Total game changer.

. . .

We had lunch with some family friends today and ate as we watched a thunderstorm pass by outside. Apparently it was a bit more than that as this is a picture of a house from about a mile south of where we were having lunch.

[Image courtesy of The News-Gazette]

. . .

Man, the Summer of Tim has hit its stride. I start each day really having no idea what it'll bring and I go to bed at night feeling like I've accomplished at least a little bit of something.


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