Pool Bulls, Positive Punk-Folk, Cousins

DAYS 29-31 -- I really wish I had something ground-breaking to share with you from the past few days, but sticking with my goals for the summer, I'm glad to say that it's been nothing less than easy-going.

. . .

Have you seen that inflatable bull that's making its rounds on social media? Of course, it found its way to my in-law's pool and all of my kids are now professional bull riders.

Sort of.

. . .

I've been listening to a ton of Frank Turner lately and he's amazing. Let's call him positive folk-punk.

Don't skip the link.

For real.

Frank Turner will brighten your day.

. . .

My niece and nephew have been staying across the street with Grandma and Grandpa this week which has made for lots of fun cousin time in the pool and in our yard.

. . .

The garden?

Doing well.

It's not getting as much sunshine as I'd like, but we're starting to see some fruits!

. . .

Amy's been gone during the day this week for some workshop, workish, professional development, something-or-other she's got going at work.

God bless my in-laws for taking on our three kiddos this morning in addition to two cousins while I attacked our house which was long overdue for a legit cleaning.

1. Our house now smells like lemon Pledge and scented candles.

2. I'm just kidding about Amy's "workish" stuff. She's passionate about what she does and that's great despite that fact that my own professional passion may be questionable.

. . .

I received a text message from an old friend last night that made me feel awesome.

With some thanks due to my brother-in-law Matt, I'm apparently still in tune with good music.

. . .

You may have been seeing a lot of Mister Rogers chatter this week thanks to the recent release of the Won't You Be My Neighbor documentary. I'm telling you, with all of my Mister Rogers investment aside, go see this film!

And take a few tissues with you.

No joke.

Prior to seeing Won't You Be My Neighbor, I'd only shed a tear at one other movie.

(If you're curious, that scene in The Rookie when he calls his kid to tell him that he's been called up to the big leagues......it got me.)

Really, though. Go see this if you've got the chance. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

. . .

Finally, if you're someone who has had a problem with athletes taking a knee during the national anthem because it "disrespects the flag," but yet you're chanting "USA USA" while Trump has rubbed elbows this past week with Kim Jong Un, I'll kindly ask you to eff all the way off.

An athlete taking a constitutionally-supported peaceful knee in protest of serious social issues taking place in our country versus our flag flying side by side with that of a murderous dictator?

Piss off.

If you're okay with that, you're part of the problem and nothing short of a disgusting hypocrite.

. . .

Happy summer.

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