War, The Purge, and Hypocritical Christian Americans

DAYS 32-34 -- It's been a pretty slow summer so far, for sure.

Exactly what we had hoped for.

With Amy finishing up her week-long work conference on Thursday and Friday, the kids and I wrapped up the week with some fierce games of war and an attack on a year's worth of sticks which had accumulated on the driveway and play area rocks.

The summer purge continued with the Little Tikes workbench and sandbox Tonka trucks taken out to the road and labeled with a "FREE" sign. The kids have long outgrown these and haven't touched them in months.

It was all gone in less than ten minutes.

. . .

Speaking of the summer purge, I dropped off two boxes of books at the non-profit book store I used to go to often. Despite the fact that I was told where to put the boxes and otherwise ignored without even the slightest "thank you," it felt good to get rid of it all.

Whatever. I'm not out for recognition -- but still.

Seriously, if I could trade every book I own for a digital copy -- even if I had to pay a buck or two in order to do so -- I'd do it in a second.

Next up in the purge is the CD collection.

. . .

By the time Amy got home on Friday, I was done. Five straight days of one-on-three parenting for ten hours each day. I needed some time for Tim.

I love my kids. I love my family. But sometimes I reach the point where I just need to be left alone.

. . .

Antenna TV is making it very hard for me to unplug completely this summer as they've been airing old episodes of The Hogan Family and Head of the Class.

When it comes to stuff from my childhood that I've not seen in decades, I have little self control.

. . .

Finally, as much as I want to sound off, I'll keep my daily dose of political chatter to a minimum today. Not because I don't have plenty to say, but because I'm otherwise likely to have a stroke before the summer ends.

Republicans. Conservatives. Trump supporters. Hear me out.

This stuff happening at our borders with children being separated from their families is some of the most inhumane behavior I've ever heard of. Trump claims he's just "following Democratic laws," which is another full-on dose of bullshit. Please fact check your pretend "president" HERE.

Jeff Sessions and Sarah Sanders quote the Bible in support of these actions?!?! WHAT?!?

Let's stop for a second. Really. Hear me out.

I was brought up in the church. I went to church camps and youth groups and, to this day, my faith is a big part of who I am as a person. Everything I have ever been taught through all of that is completely contradictory to these kinds of behaviors -- despite the fact that some of the people who taught me these things are in complete support of our country's current administration and their actions.

I don't recall ever being taught that we should love all people -- unless they have brown skin, or they cross a border, or they believe differently than we do, or they speak a different language.

What is happening at our borders is unacceptable! It is sick. It is not American and it is certainly not Christian.

Those of you who have tried to challenge the "Black Lives Matter" movement with "all lives matter," you cannot have it both ways and you should be going crazy over the current administration's actions.


Otherwise, you're exactly as I've said before -- a disgusting and bigoted hypocrite.

We are not talking about people being denied citizenship or work. We're talking about children being forcibly taken from their families and moved to detention centers where Trump's smug face is on the wall to be "admired" while they're treated like prisoners and wondering if they'll ever see their families again.

This is sick.

You don't think so? Think about your own children or grandchildren being taken from you or their parents against their will. Despite the law. Despite the reason. These are human rights that are being violated in an ungodly way.

What's crazy is that this isn't something happening halfway around the world that we see on the news, feel bad about for a minute, and forget by the time we're at the Dairy Queen drive-thru after dinner.

This is happening in our country right now.

In the United States of America.

And our currently leadership -- regardless of political party -- is allowing it to take place.

So what should you do? At the very least, call these people who supposedly represent you and let them know that their support of and/or silence towards these actions is unacceptable.

I've called. Several times.

Take that phone in your hand and close out Facebook or Candy Crush or whatever stupid app you've got open, and dial the number 844-872-0234. You will be asked to enter your zip code and will immediately be connected to your state and/or federal representatives.

If you aren't speaking out in some way -- big or small -- you are a part of the problem and you're allowing this to happen..

And the next time you claim to be a Christian, I'll tell you how ashamed Jesus would be of your apathy, arrogance, and hypocrisy.

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