A Flower With Tentacles and a Snout

DAY 02 -- I recognize the fact that some of you may be experiencing the Summer of Tim for the first time. I do this every summer as a way to reflect after the break on accomplishments, experiences, and fun from days that can quickly get away from me if I let them. Rather than waste away two months with nothing to show for it, this is how I am accountable to myself by making sure I'm not just sitting on my butt watching the Cubs all summer.

So, as I said last year...Follow. Like. Share. Comment. Retweet. Ignore. Whatever.

. . .

I saw this on a bulletin board at work today. Not sure where it came from, but it's awesome.

. . .

Most district employees wrapped up the school year today with a celebration of retirees and some time in their classrooms. I've got one more day to fulfill part of my extended contract before I start the new year in August by reporting nine days early.

Our superintendent shared a video with us this morning that I'm guessing many of you have seen already. It's justifiably started making its way around the internet after being shared somewhere in the neighborhood of a bajillion times. If you've not seen this, seriously, stop what you're doing and spend the next few minutes putting some good in your heart. If you've seen it already, watch it again.

Charlotte has been showing an interest over the past few months in working with students at her school with special needs. She and a few of her friends have occasionally given up their recess to spend time with these new friends. She and I watched this video together tonight and the look on her face made it clear to me that she's found something in her that is drawing her towards this extraordinary population.

That makes my heart smile.

. . .

The kids and I headed to the Hen House (or the Chicken House, as they call it) for a bite to eat but were disappointed to discover that their card machine was down and I rarely carry cash. We had to settle for the next closest thing with a quick trip to Denny's. I've not eaten at Denny's in years and it is certainly no Hen House, but I've yet to meet a plate of biscuits and gravy with hot sauce that my stomach couldn't handle.


. . .

As part of her birthday gift last month, I gave Charlotte a game called Whatchamadrawit -- it's essentially Pictionary with ridiculous things to draw. We finally cracked it open tonight and it certainly did not disappoint.

. . .

Before heading to bed, Mason and Anna ran laps between the living room and kitchen with Dutch doing his best to keep up. Considering the franchise has yet to expand to the Fall, Winter, and Spring of Tim, you may not know I got a dog in November. Remember the guys in Cobra Kai in the original Karate Kid movie? Remember the one who was just a little crazy -- a bit higher on the jackass scale than his pals? That was Dutch ... my dog's namesake.

Anyway, with the chase in full swing and my phone in hand, I had to do it.

You know I had to.

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