Dude Time

DAY 04 -- I recently came across this old picture of Anna riding Sandy at Meijer. Even now, when we were shopping the other day, she and Mason wanted to take Sandy for a run. While Sandy hasn't changed much, Anna sure has!

 . .

The hardware I needed to hang my recently purchased skateboard deck arrived today. No Mister Rogers collection is complete without one of these, right?!

. . .

During the overnight storm that passed through last week, a pretty sizable limb came down from the top of one of the large oaks in my backyard -- missing the house by about a foot. While I've cleared away much of the brush and small branches, I still need to get a new chain for my chainsaw and take care of the rest. In the meantime, it's providing a new playground for the kids.

. . .

The girls are off to their dance recital rehearsal which provided Mason and me with some quality dude time. Video games, NERF guns, and a frozen pizza on the grill (don't knock it til you try it). The pizza even came to the house by special delivery straight from the car to the front door.


. . .

This is ridiculous.

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