Foosball and Rainouts

DAY 03 -- Before heading to work for my final (contractual) office day for the year, I needed to take Charlotte for a check-in with her orthodontist who has two offices -- one here in Mahomet (about two minutes from home) and one in Champaign (about fifteen minutes from home). The girls are typically scheduled in Mahomet but today's appointment happened to be in Champaign. Off we went for the 8:55 appointment, arriving exactly two minutes early to find the door locked and lights out.

Oh. It's Anna who has the appointment in Champaign. In August.

Charlotte's was in Mahomet.

Calling the orthodontist's office to fill them in on my mistake, we drove back to Mahomet while obeying all traffic laws and speed limits.


. . .

I finished up my final day in my office for the year and after lunch with the kiddos, I started my summer break off in perfect fashion: laying on the couch pretending I was going to read without falling asleep. Quickly though, I went unconscious for an unplanned but much-needed power nap.


. . .

Mason's baseball team has had some terrible luck with weather this spring. Really, I think they have cancelled more games because of weather than they have actually played.

But not tonight! No, sir!

Uniform on. Cleats on. Water bottle filled. Glove in hand. We loaded up the car and headed for the baseball fields.

And then the sky opened up.


. . .

I've always wanted a foosball table. Not one of those cheapo deals you can get from Target but a real-deal foosball table. Last weekend, the kids and I took a trip to our favorite junk store where we came across an old-school table -- coin-operated, built solid, regulation size.

Price tag? Thirty bucks!

But this thing was filthy! I'm not talking dusty, I mean years of dirt and muck caked on a majority of every surface. Clearly this thing had been stored for quite some time in someone's shed or garage or barn or somewhere the elements were certainly not kept out.

But thirty bucks!

After debating for a bit, we loaded this thing up and the next thing I knew, this table and its accessories were in my garage. Step one in what I figured would be a fun summer project.


Or a fun Saturday project. The afternoon was spent dismantling the entire table, scrubbing every piece, wiping down every surface, and replacing every piece of visible hardware.


Before I knew it, I had my foosball table.

The kids love playing -- although, as I should have expected, they didn't make it through one entire game before Charlotte stormed upstairs because "Anna was cheating."

. . .

I can see now why people how aren't Knicks fans have come to really dislike Spike Lee. The NBA Finals began tonight. And I already want to punch Drake in the face.

[Photo: Vaughn Ridley (Getty)]

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