Skate or Die, Neighbors

DAY 01 -- Students in my district, including my own kids, finished up the school year today which means I am officially one day closer to saying goodbye to my office for the summer. I can't say I'll miss this daily view at all over the coming weeks.

. . .

The kids wrapped the day with their annual Bus 16 water gun fight. I had every intention of staying dry while the kids soaked each other but, of course, it only took about 30 seconds before Anna blasted me in the back with her Super Soaker.

Unfortunately, this year's water gun battle royale was cut short by an approaching storm.

. . .

Not only did the school year end for students today, my guys group wrapped up this evening, too. We, a group of seven men from Quest Church, have spent about two hours together one night a week since early last fall. Being a part of this group of men has been a huge blessing to me throughout this school year.

[Photo: Jeremiah Cox]

Through both serious conversations and relentless jokes, it's so great to support and be supported by this group which has provided weekly challenges to one another as we strive to be better men. I'm already looking forward to this group picking back up in the fall.

. . .

I bought a skateboard -- no wheels, just the deck.

Of course, I did.

If you don't know my Mister Rogers story, you will by the end of the summer.

Skate or die, neighbors.

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