SOT2K19: The Triumphant Return

Last year, the fifth annual Summer of Tim was cut short -- a victim of my own apathy. I just wasn't feeling it. Probably for the best though as just a few days after I shut things down, my summer took an unexpected turn which would have led to an indefinite end to my daily writing anyway.

But here we are once again! The sun is shining, the leaves have filled the trees, and my office door is about to officially close for two months!

It's a new summer...and a new Summer of Tim! Welcome back!

First, if you would, allow me to speak in slightly vague terms for a minute in order to touch on the elephant in the room.

As some of you may know, last summer's "unexpected turn" has brought me to a brand new season in life. I won't go into the details here but, if you haven't already, you'll likely be able to form your own conclusions throughout the coming weeks. If you want the scoop, I'd be glad to fill you in over a cup of coffee sometime. For those of you in the know (and those of you who will surely become informed), I'd appreciate you not sharing your thoughts on the matter through comments here or on social media. I've got nothing to hide, but I just feel that airing those opinions publicly would be inappropriate.

With that out of the we go! It's here! A new summer, a new season of life, and a new opportunity to enjoy every moment of my break from work.

The Summer of Tim has made its triumphant return! Join me as I make the most of the next sixty-five days of exercising a truly free spirit!

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