Pork Rinds and Basketball Robots

DAYS 11-14 -- It's been a few days, huh? Fear not, faithful readers -- the Summer of Tim is not coming to an early end. I just don't have any idea what I've been doing! And I'm completely okay with that.

For the most part, Friday through Sunday was spent sitting on the back porch drinking coffee and throwing a softball to the dog. When my cup would get empty, I'd fill it up. When Dutch would bring the ball back to me, I'd throw it again.

Drink, fill. Throw, retrieve. Repeat.

It's a pretty simple formula, really.

The kids spent a lot of time outside, too. Sort of.

. . .

Monday was spent at work as we conducted interviews for an open administrative position in our building. Unfortunately, as part of the interview team, I had to wear socks and pants -- two items of clothing that are entirely optional throughout June and July.

I had stopped by my office for a minute earlier in the week (I seriously have no idea what day it is) last week for a few minutes and had Charlotte along for the ride. Everyday during the school year, the kids get on the bus at the high school where I work and are then dropped off at their respective schools. I noticed yesterday that Charlotte had written a note to her future self on my marker board.

. . .

As has become somewhat of a tradition among my circle of friends, a few of us got together last night to watch Golden State play against Drake in Game 6 of the NBA finals. Here is what I learned while watching this game:
  1. Drake is super annoying. Good work by ABC by giving him little to no camera time.
  2. There is a musician/actress named Awkwafina. Yes, spelled differently but pronounced just like the bottled water. What a stupid name.
  3. Despite their unfair reputation on the snack hierarchy, pork rinds are a popular snack among basketball watching males between the ages of 35-45.
  4. If you cheer when a player on the opposing team suffers an injury, you're not a sports fan. You're just an asshole.
  5. Kawhi Leonard might be a robot.
. . .

This picture is beautiful.

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