The PB&B Burger

DAYS 08-10 -- I could go on and on about how Charlotte, Mason, and I conquered IKEA while Anna is away at camp. I could talk about how we stayed up too late and slept in the next day, mistakenly missing scheduled dentist appointments in the process. But let's get down to some serious Summer of Tim business here.

I've heard for several years about an unusual combination used to top hamburgers that many claim is surprisingly delicious -- bacon and peanut butter. As disgusting as it sounds, I've always wanted to try it. I mean, I like bacon and peanut butter and hamburgers. All three together has to be good, right?

With burgers fresh off the grill and bacon straight out the pan, I spread some Peter Pan on the bun and gave it a shot.

The verdict?

I didn't hate it. But I'll probably never eat it again.


. . .

Today turned out to be the day that I love most every summer -- the day I realize I have no idea what day of the week it is. At one point this morning, I thought it was Monday.

It's not Monday.

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