Two Dudes and a Kayak

DAY 05 -- The girls spent the day today at the Virginia Theater for their dance recital -- one show in the morning and another in the evening. Mason and I lucked out and only had to endure the four-hour dance marathon once by taking in the evening performance. That left us the rest of the day to continue our dude time.

Mason mentioned to me this evening that "this has been the best few days ever" because he and I got to spend some time by ourselves. This, of course, tugged at my heartstrings a bit as I couldn't agree with him more. It's been a while since I've been able to spend any significant amount of one-on-one time with any of the kids and today was a great chance for Mason and I to hang out.

After an amazing donut breakfast, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful morning and take our first summer voyage on the Cobra Kayak.

No surprise, when we got back home, it was off to the junk store to drop off a few boxes of donations I had gathered up. Of course, we had to do some shopping while we were there and Mason headed home with this beauty for three bucks.

With the girls successfully checked in for the evening performance, Mason and I killed an hour at one of my favorite coffee shops by splitting a grilled cheese with pesto...which was awesome, by the way.

Mason chose to sit in the window seat at one point posing for me and explaing that "this is how cool people sit."

Despite their worries of messing up on stage, the girls, as always, impressed me with the product of this year's dance classes.

Check out their performances if you'd like. Charlotte's first, then Anna's.

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