Book Burning

I took the first of what is sure to be my share of summer naps today. But this one was a little bit different that most naps I take. I didn't wake up feeling groggy like I often do.

I felt good.


It's like when people feel a cold coming on and they take a nap to "sleep off" the symptoms. In many ways, I feel like that 90 minutes of slumber was me sleeping off a long school year and subconsciously transitioning into summer.

Or maybe it was just a nap and I'm overanalying it.


. . .

Speaking of transitioning into summer break, the kids have been asking me to build a fire in the back yard so they could dispose of this year's school materials in style.

Even though Raiders of the Lost Ark taught me years ago that only bad guys burn books, it was a good night for a fire so Anna cooked a Pop-Tart over flames fueled by a year's worth of notebooks, papers, and workbooks.

Yes, we know.

We're early contenders for Parents of the Year.

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