Channeling My Inner Fred Sanford

I got a new mouse pad.

So there's that.

. . .

The Knicks lost their series in five games.

My only hope for the remainder of the NBA playoffs is that someone will punch Trae Young in the nose.

. . .

The girls had some ice cream at youth group last night.


. . .

Myles hit a homerun in his baseball game earlier this week.

Technically, it was a single followed by an overthrow to first. And then an overthrow to second. And another to third.

But he hit the ball in fair territory and then ran around all four bases without stopping. That's a homerun in my book.

. . .

So what's been going on this week?

For three straight days following the holiday weekend, I've been back in my sweet spot, starting off the summer with a stretch of junk shopping to set the bar high for the coming weeks. Only things are a little different now. There's been a shift in my junk shopping focus since the last time I've shared my thrift store adventures.

A buyer no more. I'm out scouring the shelves for items to resell these days.

If you're not a junk shopper at heart, these purchases that bring in a ten dollar profit here and a twenty dollar profit there may seem like more trouble than they're worth. But with some time and dedication, there's a market out there for just about everything.

Case in point ... I picked up an 8-track player on Tuesday for seven bucks. I didn't know if it worked or not but it was clean and worth a shot. I got it home, tested it out (yes, I have some 8-track tapes at home), and it worked just fine. 

Well, as fine as you'd expect a forty-five year old 8-track player to work.

I listed it on eBay and within two hours had it sold for seventy-five bucks.

This is what I'm talking about. I'm not out to turn around a five dollar action figure for a two dollar profit. I'm quickly developing an eye for what's worth picking up to resell and what's best left on the shelves.

Like this gem in the sports section. It stayed put.


So long story short ... I've dropped about sixty bucks at junk stores this week and should have no problem turning those purchases around for a profit somewhere in the neighborhood of $400-500. That's based on recent sales comps ... not crazy prices people currently have items listed for online.

And the summer is so, so young.

Stay tuned for more.

Fred G. Sanford, out.

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